Syphon as an Effect Loop

6 March 2012

I've been missing datamosh and glitch quartz composer plugins that I used to use in VDMX, as I've been using Avenue more recently, until I thought about using syphon as an effect loop.
I presume this might work in Modul8 too, but don't have it to check, in Avenue, you can assign a syphon plugin to the mix or a layer, this comes pre-fade so the layer doesn't actually have to be visible, merely active in a layer, you can then use a quartz composer clip on another layer (if you want to effect the mix, trigger a syphon fx as a clip effect in to a layer, and use the fx return on a layer above it.) Hey presto quartz composer fx in Avenue!

Here are the qtz files, they're setup for Avenue is you want to use them in another app, edit the quartz patch to point to the app you use. You will also need the plugins themselves from Bangnoise and V002

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