Colour Burst is the interactive software and visual content umbrella of Chris Plant, aka Catweasel.

Visuals have been his overriding passion since 1991 when he first started doing live projections with 16mm cine and 35mm slide projectors. Getting hooked on computers for video playback and manipulation after vjing on several tours with an Amiga 1200 in 1995, he has been pushing them to their limits ever since.

These days he is more likely to be creating custom interactive applications than vjing, but still is deeply involved in visualisation for live music, recent projects have included:

Multitouch games for the Krypton Factor

Programming for interactive design studio Strukt in Vienna

Software design and applications for Mindstorm

Tour visuals for the Automatic, Stevie Wonder, Viva La Diva, Blake.

On-site custom video content for Grease is the Word, X Factor series 2 and 3

(offsite series 1), MTV, Your Country Needs You

On-site content for Royal Television Award winning Dancing on Ice,

Visuals for AV project The Modified Toy Orchestra,

Main-stage visuals and band idents for Supersonic Festival Birmingham,

Performances at music and art festivals across Europe.

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