Universe Of Sound for the Philharmonia Orchestra

10 September 2014

In 2012 I was asked by the Philharmonia Orchestra to create a tracking software for their Universe of Sound Exhibition. They wanted a game where members of the public could try their hand at conducting the Orchestra. We used a Kinect camera to track the hand movements of the player, and the player had to try and move their hand in patterns the conductor uses to keep the orchestra in time, if they failed the orchestra would go out of tune and the audience would become restless! The pieces used were the Planet Suite by Holtst, and a specially commissioned piece Worlds, Stars, Systems, Inifinity by Joby Talbot.

In 2013 it won the 2013 Royal Philharmonic Society Award for Audiences and Engagement



Short documentary of the project (Its a white start frame, please click play above...)
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