Light Garden, Lima, Peru

23 November 2014

Light Garden is a permanent interactive landscape of light, sound and experience. It transports us into a magical world and reminds us of the early childhood fantasies that we used to create.

We were inspired by all the childhood stories from Lewis Carrol, Hans Christian Anderson and J M Barry who opened our minds to these imaginary tales.
Light Garden is a playful combination of suspended flowers, projected floor petals and surreal sounds. Colourful shapes bounce off the glossy floor creating three-dimensional patterns of light.
The complex interactive technology melts away, producing a real-world cinematic experience that is influenced by people moving through the space. One’s imagination is free to join these magical landscapes.

Interactive installation made By Claudia Paz and Nicholas Cheung.


Concept & Art direction: Nicholas Cheung & Claudia Paz
Interactive programming: Chris Plant / Colour Burst
Sound design: Neil Spragg / Future Sound Design
Lighting Supplier: Astera LED
DMX control: e:cue
DMX Programmer: Ruby Rubenstahl
Light Content: Cesar Castro Paz
Contractor & Installer: MAS Contratistas Generales
Production: Arquileds
Client: Coorporacion EW




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