VW Passat

17 March 2015

Marshmallow Laser Feast approached me to join the team for this augmented reality web advert, they wanted to do all the CG fx in the real world, in realtime, mapped to a free roaming camera. We used vvvv and vux's DX11 pack to provide 3 HD outputs from each of 2 PC's, rendering unto 8million LIDAR particles with lighting fx, and a variety of other CG fx.

MoCap + real world LiDAR data + CG + Vicon + light projection with help from Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium, Marshmallow Laser Feast visualise the Volkswagen's invisible data and intelligent sensors in the latest Passat. These ‘Invisible Made Visible’ sequences are made in real time as one continuous in-camera shot using vvvv.

For the studio shoot, infra-red sensors were placed on the camera and tracked by a Vicon rig. This allowed the cameraman to move freely about the set. Positional data from this rig was translated in real-time by MLFs proprietary system, which in turn projected the CG environment around the car. The end result is beautifully crafted moving images with perspective that perfectly matches the camera’s angle. Ultimately, the technology has been designed so CG scenes can be rendered in real-time, whilst interacting with a moving camera and simultaneously shifting according to the protagonist’s point of view.


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