Distortions in Spacetime

26 September 2018

Another project with Marshmallow Laser Feast, a particularly mind bending installation.

Distortions in Spacetime by Marshmallow Laser Feast is as interactive audiovisual installation, in which the participants and their movements are reflected by particle systems to help them comprehend the cosmic connection between black holes, dying stars, and our very existence.

What would it feel like to step into a black hole? Prepare to be stretched, squashed and spaghettified as a spacetime singularity pops up in the 1830 Warehouse. Distortions in Spacetime is the latest sensory creation by cutting-edge audiovisual pioneers Marshmallow Laser Feast. Play among the particle jets and see the light as you journey through the depths of space and experience one of the biggest mysteries of the universe unravel all around you.

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