Slide Projector Interventions/ LockDown Art

10 December 2020

During the lockdown, I used my daily walks to observe the spring a little more closely, I think we all did, I just added magnification, by putting things that I found into the gates of slide projectors, leaves, blossom, flowers, feathers, grass, seeds, lichen, plastic and projecting them several feet across, you can see hidden details, cells, the velcro inspiring hooks on feathers, rather peering down through a microscope, you look up and around, and can move closer to see more detail.

The projectors I've been using are 1950's Aldis medium format projectors, that I have swapped the Tungsten Lamp for a high power LED light source, while the power draw is similar, 300W vs 275W LED, the light output is much high and with a whiter light.

Next I decided to try them outside, I was missing power, and so picked up a portable rechargeable, power pack, with mains sockets. This led to a series of experiments by the rivers in Durham, onto ancient walls, and once we were allowed, to travel, some explorations of the post industrial beaches, cleaned since the millennium, the ex-mines and factories leave fascinating scars and waste in the landscape.

These images have been calling me to make more, they are an exploration of the anthropocene, how humans change nature and our world, and how nature reclaims it.

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