Adrift on an Endless Ocean

25 January 2023

Adrift on an Endless Ocean, is an audio visual LED installation that tries to evoke the experience of gazing at the complex motion of waves via simple wave motions.
I can spend hours gazing at water, its endlessly evolving forms, never repeating, the sound from gurgles to roars, of billions of bubbles popping, stones bumping into each other.
I find myself thinking about many things while watching, the chaotic seeming noise of ripples, reflections and small waves, overlaid on the larger longer waveforms of the waves that break on the shores, the reflections of waves off cliffs or banks of a river, the way that you can sense unseen rocks or fish, below the surface by the action of the surface above them, the eddies that appear and drift away. The water's surface is a slice through a complex ever evolving oscillation.
Often I think of the universe, that rather than being a mostly empty void, it is a seething mass of electromagnetic frequencies, gamma rays, xrays, through visible light, heat, and all the way to low frequency gravitation waves distorting matter itself, as our planet drifts through this endless ocean.
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