Macroscopic at LoveLight Norwich.
7 vintage Aldis 600 slide projectors modified with super bright LED lamps, presented on school lab stools, in a bandstand, showing natural and man-made samples collected on walks over the past 2 years.
Part amateur science project, part lockdown art project, part love of slide projectors, part love of nature, and part despair at our treatment of it.
Finding beauty and wonder in the overlooked world around us.

Using actual objects in the slide gate, allows me to resolve more detail than even an HD or 4k digital image can, verging into the microscopic, but projected into the world instead of peered at through a small aperture, there is a world without pixels.

Adrift on an Endless Ocean, is an audio visual LED installation that tries to evoke the experience of gazing at the complex motion of waves via simple wave motions.
I can spend hours gazing at water, its endlessly evolving forms, never repeating, the sound from gurgles to roars, of billions of bubbles popping, stones bumping into each other.
I find myself thinking about many things while watching, the chaotic seeming noise of ripples, reflections and small waves, overlaid on the larger longer waveforms of the waves that break on the shores, the reflections of waves off cliffs or banks of a river, the way that you can sense unseen rocks or fish, below the surface by the action of the surface above them, the eddies that appear and drift away. The water's surface is a slice through a complex ever evolving oscillation.
Often I think of the universe, that rather than being a mostly empty void, it is a seething mass of electromagnetic frequencies, gamma rays, xrays, through visible light, heat, and all the way to low frequency gravitation waves distorting matter itself, as our planet drifts through this endless ocean.

I was again honoured to be asked to work with Marshmallow Laser Feast on a large scale Muti-installation work in a cemetery in Coventry. I worked on Tides Within Us, (first shown in York Mediale) and Oceans of Air (pictured below, overview video below that)

Mapping the journey of breath from different scientific and cultural perspectives, this multisensory narrative of epic proportions uncovers the living worlds both beyond and within us, to reveal the deep and beautiful truths that lie just outside the limits of our perception. The ambitious works will be located across the beautiful, tree-filled spaces and buildings of Charterhouse Heritage Park – Joseph Paxton’s Grade I listed cemetery and its arboretum. Observations on Being has been developed by Marshmallow Laser Feast in collaboration with artists James Bulley and Natan Sinigaglia and some of the extraordinary and influential scientists, writers and musicians who have inspired and informed their work. Contributors from the science community include; pioneering medical imaging innovators Fraunhofer MEVIS (who partnered on The Tides Within Us), Hae-jin & Jacob Marshall of EMBC, Nessie Reid of the Global Environments Network (GEN), ecologist and philosopher Dr David Abram, professor of Plant Soil Processes Prof. Katie Field, the author and biologist Merlin Sheldrake and holistic scientist Dr Stephan Harding. 

Another project with Marshmallow Laser Feast, a particularly mind bending installation.

Distortions in Spacetime by Marshmallow Laser Feast is as interactive audiovisual installation, in which the participants and their movements are reflected by particle systems to help them comprehend the cosmic connection between black holes, dying stars, and our very existence.

What would it feel like to step into a black hole? Prepare to be stretched, squashed and spaghettified as a spacetime singularity pops up in the 1830 Warehouse. Distortions in Spacetime is the latest sensory creation by cutting-edge audiovisual pioneers Marshmallow Laser Feast. Play among the particle jets and see the light as you journey through the depths of space and experience one of the biggest mysteries of the universe unravel all around you.

Scree is an experimental audio/video project I have been doing over several years with Neil Spragg its explores feedback systems including audio-video/video-audio loops. This video is from 2011 at the Hexagon Theatre at the MAC Birmingham.

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