Winner of Lighting Design Awards 2015 International Project Of The Year Exterior, lovely to work with Nick, Claudia and Cesar!

Another project with Claudia Paz Studio
Pixel Flow explores the senses of the visitors in a surrounding space generated by light and sound that allows them to express freely. The feeling of being wrapped in a spiral of light pixels and sounds is activated by the natural flow of the body.


Design & Concept:
Claudia Paz Lighting Studio

Project Management & Implementation

Structure & System Design
César Castro

Art Direction
Claudia Paz

Interactive Programing
Chris Plant
Colour Burst

Sound Designer
Neil Spragg
Future Sound Design

Giancarlo Aita Campodonico
Equipo Profesionales

MAS Contratistas Generales

Light Garden is a permanent interactive landscape of light, sound and experience. It transports us into a magical world and reminds us of the early childhood fantasies that we used to create.

We were inspired by all the childhood stories from Lewis Carrol, Hans Christian Anderson and J M Barry who opened our minds to these imaginary tales.
Light Garden is a playful combination of suspended flowers, projected floor petals and surreal sounds. Colourful shapes bounce off the glossy floor creating three-dimensional patterns of light.
The complex interactive technology melts away, producing a real-world cinematic experience that is influenced by people moving through the space. One’s imagination is free to join these magical landscapes.

Interactive installation made By Claudia Paz and Nicholas Cheung.


Concept & Art direction: Nicholas Cheung & Claudia Paz
Interactive programming: Chris Plant / Colour Burst
Sound design: Neil Spragg / Future Sound Design
Lighting Supplier: Astera LED
DMX control: e:cue
DMX Programmer: Ruby Rubenstahl
Light Content: Cesar Castro Paz
Contractor & Installer: MAS Contratistas Generales
Production: Arquileds
Client: Coorporacion EW




And some press

We won an award!
Lighting Design Awards International Project of the Year.

The touch screen is a Senscel display made of 8x9 panels of 16 pixels each.

Sound Design is by Neil Spragg of Future Sound Design

I was asked by Nick Cheung Studios to create some interactive softwares pieces for a project with Claudia Paz in Peru. We created 9 interactive pieces, that run on an LED facade consisting of 19px wide by 270 Pixels high by 6 Pixels deep of RGB fixtures.

In 2012 I was asked by the Philharmonia Orchestra to create a tracking software for their Universe of Sound Exhibition. They wanted a game where members of the public could try their hand at conducting the Orchestra. We used a Kinect camera to track the hand movements of the player, and the player had to try and move their hand in patterns the conductor uses to keep the orchestra in time, if they failed the orchestra would go out of tune and the audience would become restless! The pieces used were the Planet Suite by Holtst, and a specially commissioned piece Worlds, Stars, Systems, Inifinity by Joby Talbot.

In 2013 it won the 2013 Royal Philharmonic Society Award for Audiences and Engagement

Short documentary of the project (Its a white start frame, please click play above...)

For the first series of Dancing on Ice I was commissioned provided onsite content creation for the ice projections and the LED fixtures in the ice crystal set.

The lighting team won a Royal Television Society Award for Lighting, Photography and Camera - Lighting for Multicamera

Tom Kinane and Svend Pedersen Dancing On Ice ITV Productions - Factual for ITV1

“The winner’s original approach achieved what is probably a visual first for British television. A daring and stunning visualisation on a canvas of ice.”

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